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Apr 9, 2013 11:00pm PDT
there with no idea what to do or say. this is the toughest time in marshall's life and i feel absolutely useless. what can we do to help? well, uh, i've been to a couple funerals so i know my role: i'm vice girl. whatever marshall needs to get through this day, i got it right here. all: whoa! cigarettes, alcohol... are these firecrackers? my god, robin, you somehow crammed tijuana into a purse. (hushed): be cool, nerds! marshall's mom hasn't eaten, slept or sat down since we got here. wait! that can be my role! i'll take care of judy! yeah, but doesn't marshall's mom hate you-- the fact that you two aren't very close? (whispering): sweet save. okay, yes, judy and i aren't besties, but today, whatever she needs, i'm there. i'm on judy duty. "judy duty." she said "doody." really, guys? at a funeral? we have to laugh today. it's healthy. wait a minute! today, we are gonna make marshall laugh. how? ted, what's the one thing that always cracks him up? internet footage of a guy getting hit in the nuts. internet footage of a guy getting hit in the nuts, exactly! so we are gonna get o
Apr 11, 2013 11:00pm PDT
, marshall, stop," but that's just code for "harder!" marshall's been in minnesota a while, huh? so long! and now he's staying even longer. his mom has been having a really hard time since the funeral. he's waiting on her hand and foot. but... it's valentine's day. it's not going to be the same without the two of us watching predator together. i should explain. on their very first valentine's day, marshall and lily set out to watch sleepless in seattle. you know, i saw this in the theater, like, five times, but i never got to see it with the right girl. aw... i'm so glad none of those girls were right for you. what girls? arnold schwarzenegger: if it bleeds, we can kill it. except marshall's brothers had taped over it with predator. mmm. and it became a tradition. loneliness. the looming specter of valentine's day fast approaching. the two key ingredients to my favorite day of the year february 13: desperation day. that's not a thing. it's a thing. much like valentine's day itself desperation day dates back thousands of years. barney: weddings were forbidden under ancient roman law,
Apr 5, 2013 11:00pm PDT
seen that woman before in my life! sorry. force of habit. congratulations! to lily and marshall. to lily and marshall. well, thank you. i mean, we've never been happier. mm. can't imagine anything bringing me down right now. you're not pregnant. well, that did it. narrator: kids, this is the story of the 36 hours we all thought lily was pregnant, and how it caused each of us to reexamine our own lives. because while this was happening... are you sure you did it right? ...i was on the phone with punchy, my best friend from high school who had recently asked me to be his best man. hey, punchy, i've given this some serious thought. i think i know how we can crush these floral arrangements. ah, here it comes. hit me up, schmos! peonies, lavender blossoms with a halo of baby's breath for an ambiance of springtime rejuvenation. (high-pitched): ♪ crushed it! ♪ that's exactly the accent of whimsy this celebration of love needs! it's gonna be a magical day. i know what you're thinking. i wish i was a dude. i do wish you were a dude. because if i was a dude, i could have ted mosby as my b
Apr 1, 2013 11:00pm PDT
cat." me and my "fat-cat friends." we're not fat cats. exactly. i say, marshall, my good man, how's my bow tie? impeccable, old bean. to industry! ah, bully! narrator: okay, that night we weren't the skinniest of felines. you see, every year the natural history museum holds its autumn spectacular. it's attended by some of the most powerful and important people in new york. and, thanks to goliath national bank... us. marshall: look at us, huh? in tuxedos? can you imagine if our college selves saw us like this? they'd pelt us with their phish bootlegs. yeah, we were pretty anti-establishment back then. oh, god, remember russell? oh. nice monkey suit russell. yeah. come on, guys. oh, i'm sorry, i can't hear you with that corporate noose around your neck. and don't even try showing up to the drum circle this weekend. yeah. oh, hey. you guys seen russell? i'm supposed to drive him to his mom's funeral. i wish i knew you guys back then. you know why? because you can't kick a story in the nuts. hey, we're still those people. one of these days, marshall's going to quit his job and go to work f
Apr 21, 2013 10:00am EDT
action conference in washington d.c. with author paul kengor of "the communist." who was frank marshall davis? >> frank marshall davis was born in kansas 1905, died and made you and 87. ended up in chicago and ultimately honolulu and that's where he would meet a young man named barack obama in the 70s. he was introduced by obama's grandfather, stanley dunham. i should back up a little bit. he was african-american. he was a republican from the time of lincoln to fdr. remarkably what so far to the left that during world war ii he joined the communist party. he joined communist party u.s.a. a lot of american communists never joined communist party u.s.a. you literally sworn allegiance to the soviet union, and you committed yourself to a communist party u.s.a. caught a soviet american republic. so davis really went to the other side and after that ended up editing -- he was the founding editor-in-chief of the communist party publication of chicago, the chicago star was a down the line pro-soviet pro-stalin publication. did that for two years and then went off to honolulu was a columnist for
Apr 27, 2013 10:00am PDT
in mississippi. now dutschke has been turned over to the u.s. marshals office but we have been told by the fbi that his arrest is in reference to the ricin investigation. we first learned about dutschke at a hearing on monday that was for the initial suspect in this case. his name is paul kevin curtis. he said in that hearing he had been framed and he mentioned dutschke as a possible suspect. then on tuesday another twist. curtis was released. all the charges against him were dropped and the attention at that point seem ed to turn to dutschke. now we have turn throughout the course of the week federal agents investigating this case. we have seen agents here at dutschke's house. we have also seen them searching at a former marshal arts studio. we don't know what they found at this point or if that's relative, but we know they were searching on location. now during the week, we have been in contact with his attorney. she said her client has nothing to do with the ricin letters. today in the morning when we reached out to her again to get reaction, she told us a brief statement. she sa
Apr 8, 2013 11:00pm PDT
and marshall started trying to have a baby, they went a little crazy. we've been trying and trying and still nothing's happened. i'm just worried we can't have children. and how long have you been trying? six days. oy. but then, months went by and still nothing happened. something must be wrong. w-we're doing it a lot. and everywhere-- the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, outside in your wait-- the kitchen. lily: seriously, doc why isn't this happening? look if you're really worried here is a number for a reproductive endocrinologist-- dr. stangel. he's the best in the city. marshall: dr. john stangel? i don't know, baby, do we really need a specialist? well, what's your plan, marshall just have unprotected sex day after day after day in every position imaginable until...? wait, it sounded worse in my head. guys, we've got a problem. this is the application for the regional doubles laser tag tournament in poughkeepsie. problem is, only one of you can be my partner. so it looks like we've got a bake-off. you may now present your arguments. i'm not playing laser tag. i'm absolutel
Apr 13, 2013 7:00pm EDT
marshall plan in 1947. that's another story to be told in my next book. country of the reason the collapse in 1967 and '67 is rapid and violent as it was is because britain was rapidly running out of dollars. and the u.s. treasury was managing that process. if you look at the debate behind the scene and the british government early 1947 when burma, greece, palestinian were collapses violent i. it was about collars. we can't afford it anymore. we have to make the pound convertible july of 1947. only way we can make that commitment is if we start holding on to the dollars. we have to let the empire go. it was part of harry dexter white's agenda. let me say a few words about the main character. they are fascinated. british reviewers of the book told them different as, quote unquote chalk and cheese bourbon and afternoon tea. that one i like in particular. these were two men who a grudging admiration for each other. white considered cains a genius which he undoubtedly was. keynes admired him not just economic policy but foreign policy. white was remarkably influential figure. here is
Apr 23, 2013 10:00am PDT
marshall? >> i'm always wanting to speed up the process. what i really wanted and maybe we're too far into this now. what i would -- for me, is like to see [inaudible]. lock at this whole thing and see recommendations about what you would like to change. that's what i was looking for. so, not necessarily comments on every time we go through it. >> fine. >> this is what i thought you meant. look at this, didn't see anything out of order. it was a learning experience obviously for fresh eyes [speaker not understood]. and saying, i think this should be added or i think this should be changed. and, so, you know, that's what i'm personally looking for, not necessarily -- >> okay. commissioner marshall, thank you for clarifying that. what we can do, if there are no other questions or comments -- and director hike has one, so, we will address that in a minute. when we're done here tonight, our intent is to go back over this again, consider the comments that have been made this evening, fine tune this, and begin to incorporate the item into exhibit a, the schedule in the back. then bring it a
Apr 30, 2013 6:30pm EDT
by the u.s. marshals. the horses were owned by this krumt city bookkeeper. rita crundwell embezzled $50 million from dixon, illinois, taxpayers. typical of the lifestyles of the rich and infamous. at any given moment, the u.s. marshals are managing $4 billion in assets from the nation's worst convicted criminals. proceeds go to pay victims and fund police. check out this marshals car auction in ohio. some of the nation's biggest criminals have great taste, like the crook who owned this classic 1963, split-window corvette, valued at $75,000. love this car. as for the taste of other alleged criminals, i'm not so sure. this is the hulk mobile. a drug dealer spent $175,000 turning this car into a monster. power hood, power trunk, tvs everywhere. >> it's all about the money. >> reporter: it's not just classic cars. we're talking yachts, a $2 million rv, extravagant jewelry, even a diamond studded sponge bob. here's the secret hangar where the government stores confiscated airplanes. >> comfortably seat up to eight people and have the tvs throughout, the small monitors. nice wet bar. >> r
Apr 4, 2013 11:00pm PDT
out with marshall whenever i want. right, marsh madness? no doubt, robo cop. you two never hang out alone. you just made up those nicknames right now. i guess it's true. you and i never really hang out alone. well, let's. let's have dinner together, just the two of us. oh! sweet. no candles. both: no candles. lily, i guess that leaves just you and me. want to hang? narrator: and then lily said something to barney that insulted every fiber of his being. nah. (gasps) narrator: wait. no. it had to be more than just, "nah." oh, i think she said... you're a big... stupid octopus head! (gasps) narrator: no, that doesn't make sense. okay, hang on. what did she say? she said, um, uh... to be honest kids, i'm having a little trouble remembering exactly what their fight was about. hey, it was 20 years ago! i'll remember. anyway, the next night... well, lily you were right. something weird happened with zoey last night. (phone plays "anchors aweigh") oh, that's the captain. yes, i call my husband the captain, but that is the only concession i make to his seafaring ways. hang on. ahoy. i'm just
Apr 19, 2013 5:00pm EDT
. marshals." up next, weaver joined by former united states marshal john clark. going to talk about what happens next in the search for the remaining suspect. stale with stay with us. welcnew york state, where cutting taxes for families and businesses is our business. we've reduced taxes and lowered costs to save businesses more than two billion dollars to grow jobs, cut middle class income taxes to the lowest rate in sixty years, and we're creating tax free zones for business startups. the new new york is working creating tens of thousands of new businesses, and we're just getting started. to grow or start your business visit >>> welcome back. we will have the very latest on the manhunt in boston in a moment. let's round up headlines in the business world first. courtney reagan with that. >> thank you, maria. stocks closing higher but for the week, the major end sis slumped. the dow and s and sp dropped more than 2%. boeing's dreamliner may be back in the air jen. u.s. aviation regular lay tomorrows approving a series of fixes on the 787. the faa saying it will issue instru
Apr 25, 2013 11:00am PDT
are happy to have the fire marshall join us today. >> thank you. my pleasure. >> we talk about the san francisco earthquake that was a fire that mostly devastated the city. how do we avoid that kind of problem. how can we reduce fire hazard? >> the construction was a lot different. we don't expect what we had then. we want to make sure with the gas heaters that the gas is shut off. >> if you shut it off you are going to have no hot water or heat. be careful not to shut it off unless you smell gas. >> absolutely because once you do shut it off you should have the utility company come in and turn it back on. here is a mock up of a gas hear the on a house. where would we find the gas meter? >> it should be in your garage. everyone should be familiar with where the gas meter is. >> one of the tools is a wrench, a crescent wrench. >> yes. the crescent wrench is good and this is a perfect example of how to have it so you can loosen it up and use it when you need it. >> okay. let's go inside to talk about fire safety. many of the issues here relate to fire, for example, we have a little smoke
Apr 30, 2013 8:30am EDT
room, maybe she is mick jones. penny marshal. the penny marshall impression seems so great over the top. on something like that, what's your thought process. >> that -- i think that was -- that was bestowed on me as well, there were some writers, they came up with a sketch idea called the looker because there were so many cable shows that were like typewritten stuff that i had not had an impression and they were like would you mind doing, can you try penny marshall. [laughter]. open her mouth when she talks, we just did it. it's as much physical as anything. it's the look. >> yeah, because i didn't think about it beforehand then it was easy to do. >> i love this idea that somehow you just sort of okay i'm game, i'll do it, don't have to spend months developing it, you just basically do it. >> i read that's what they did on sctv sometimes, surprise impressions of people. sometimes when you do something off the top of your head it's the best. when you don't overthink it, you know. so if you throw in an impression of someone, sometimes it's kind of cool because you get the very general
Apr 18, 2013 7:44am PDT
marshal? >> he's in route. >> commissioner de jesus. >> present. >> commissioner chan is excused. commissioner kingsley? >> present. >> commissioner turman? >> here. >> commissioner lockly? >> present. >> mr. president, you have a quorum. also with us is deputy chief mike beale and director hicks of the office of citizens complaints. >> thank you very much, sergeant. ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the april 10th, 2013 regularly scheduled san francisco police commission meeting. and we'll start off tonight with our first item, which is the consent calendar. on that, commissioner, in your packet are police commission reports regarding actions during the first quarter of 2013. commissioners, do you have that in your packet? if you'd take a look at it, are there any questions? this is not an action item. actually, this is an action item we have to file, thank you. but it's -- >> item 1, consent calendar, receive and file action police commission report of disciplinary action first quarter 2013. >> commissioners, are there any comments or questions regarding this report online item
Apr 9, 2013 6:00am PDT
mcdonald, and direct for garry marshall all on the big show today. jacki schechner -- >> i have the longest eyelashes in the news-plexso center. but i'm the only one here. >> stephanie: i still have fake eyelashing on from cnn. i was doing a little partying and didn't take them off. all right. here she is, speaking of everything that is current. jacki schechner in the current tv center. >> good morning, everybody. vice president biden and attorney general eric holder will deliver remarks at the white house today alongside law enforcement officials emphasizing how law enforcement l be positively impacted by any gun safety measures we pass. yesterday the president gave a speech in connecticut just 50 miles away from sandy hook elementary school. >> obama: this is not about me. this is not about politics. this is about doing the right thing for all of the families that are here that have been attorney apart by gun violence! [ cheers and applause ] >> several families from newtown traveled back to d.c. on air force one with the president yesterday, and today they are going to lobby memb
Apr 12, 2013 11:00pm PDT
, richard tribon is wanted for violating his parole. at around one this afternoon, u-s marshalls responded to the suspects house in south san jose, with a warrant for his arrest. this is video of the scene from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c seven news. when tribon refused to come out, the marshalls called the santa clara county sheriffs office for back-up. but after searching the area, police failed to find him. he has felony convictions for domestic abuse and violent behavior. tonight. new numbers from the california department of corrections show. more sex offenders are removing their g-p-s devices. this allows them to go off the radar. and potentially commit new crimes. some say, the reason is that offenders don't fear being caught. and they head to county jail instead of a tougher state prison. tonight the hunt is on for a child molestor who attacked a young girl. then. with details of the new immigration reform plan emerging. now, senators are taking to t-v. to sell the plan to other lawmakers. plus. john kerry's stern warning for north korea on his trip to the far e
Apr 16, 2013 11:25am PDT
are proposing to work in if they accept the offer, is thurgood marshall high school, for example. for our educational goal, we want to shift away from classroom lessons. the school climate is under stress right now. i don't think that's any secret, and we are taking out time, the teachers' time especially when it comes around to start testing and teaching. so, we want to shift away from classroom lessons and create assemblies and after school lessons for the students. so, that's going to meet our education deliverables. it will be much more applicable for this school environment. this is, again, for the elementary school level. we're talking about the assemblies. assemblies is not appropriate for middle and high. and also in alameda county they have developed an educator's guide for teachers that they can implement curricula themselves. we'd like to get that curricula and give it out to the schools. the teachers, if they so choose to do so, they can implement their own curricula in the classroom. and we want to create bike clubs for middle and high school use, teach them how to r
Apr 16, 2013 12:00pm EDT
have to tell you the fire marshal is on the scene tried to figure out what sparked the fire. he will be here for quite some time. an extra note about traffic here on the highway. it will be backed up for quite some time. back to you. >> the marshall just got there. have they already speculated as far as what the cause is? it sounds like this is a very fast-moving fire. >> was very fast moving. you can tell because of the destruction of the back end of this house. like the woman i talked to said she heard an explosion. i did not want to assume at this point, but obviously there will be enough evidence for them to go on to figure out how this happened. >> tragic scene. thank you. we will check back in soon. in the meantime, it is 12:10. much more of the coverage regarding the boston marathon attacks and how they are affecting back, everyone. d.c.'s annual emancipation day parade will go on as scheduled. preparation began very early this morning on the final day. extra police officers are on hand to patrol the area. frome joined live now washington. he is downtown along the parade route
Apr 3, 2013 12:00am PDT
would go to marshall field's. you get a sense of what he created. he transformed the place, came up with the phrase that the customer is always right. camed not have sales, he up with bargain-basement. he thought that if we had these enormous windows and we treat it like a play and we depict a scene, people will come and and it was his theater. he basically took that and ran with it when he started a 100 years ago. it was voted the best department store in the world. i think he did something right. i don't want to get ahead of myself and telegraph what is going to happen. the but he had a beautiful and prolific and tragic life, a shakespearean type of tragedy. we have been picked up for a second season, and andrew davis is a brilliant writer and he wrote this thing based on wednesday what had's book. he marked out what four seasons with look-alike. his life is such fertile ground for a series that we could run this for a while. i would have to play him into his 80s, which would be really fun. give me some sense of what some of the takeaways are from his style, his innovative style f
Comedy Central
Apr 29, 2013 11:00pm PDT
marshalls? one. you get all the awesome brand names. two. you get them for less than department stores, and that's awesome. three. she'll think you look stylish and awesome. four. you'll actually be awesome. which is awesome. t.j.maxx and marshalls. two awesome ways to score. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: welcome back opinion my guest tonight a fine young man. he stars on a.m.c.'s "mad men." please welcome back to the program, jon hamm. ( cheers and applause ). how are you? nice to see you. cheers. >> penny under my mug. >> jon: penny under your mug. >> i win a kiss gli thought the3 penny was worth more.ñr what's happening, man? how you be? >> i be very well, thank you very much. been in new york for a couple of weeks since we wrapped up season six of "mad men." ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: look at you, though, moving from eye really thought once you were done with the-- you moved on to the with megan, i thought draper, maing. >> settle down! >> jon: done. >> what could possibly go wrong? >> and the girl from freaks and geeks shows up-- >> we're going to work our way throu
Apr 29, 2013 4:30am PDT
. >>> whistle blower bradley manning hope the honorary grant marshal of the pride board said it was a mistake. gay activists plan a reversal at his office tonight at 5:00. manning is charged with leaking u.s. secrets to the wikileaks. his court marshal is set for a few weeks before the parade. >>> and it is set to begin before harris. harris is accused of assaulting his boyfriend at a menlo park restaurant last january. the defensive tackle admitted he was gay shortly after the incident and said he kept his sexuality a secret during his entire career. he played one season with the raiders. >>> coming up next, new information on the investigation of the boston bombings. the fbi is working around the clock to answer one critical question. >>> plus early education funding, why the numbers are not adding up for children right here in the bay area. >>> golden gate bridge traffic looks good, we will tell you more about the bay area commute and the bay area weather. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the hous
Apr 2, 2013 11:00pm PDT
boutonniere. marshall: oh, you're wearing a flower. thank you. ah, didn't compliment. just observed. barney: i know. isn't it? why are you wearing that? why does barney do anything ever? exactly. science. there is an 83% correlation between the times men wear boutonnieres and the times they get laid. hmm. think about it. proms, weddings. mm-hmm. grandmas' funerals. thanks for the redhead, nana. the "everyday boutonniere" by stinson. and nope. i'm sorry, barney, but no girl is going home with a guy with a flower on his chest. unless he's a clown, and she's in the trunk of his car. on the bright side i guess suits are pretty boring without them, so... (gasps) madam... that is an insult that cannot be borne! i demand satisfaction! what, are we gonna duel? no. i'm going to show everyone this embarrassing video of you. it's robin sparkles iii, y'all! (all screaming and yelling) narrator: kids, by this point, we knew aunt robin had been a teen pop sensation in canada, known as robin sparkles. and we also knew that her robin sparkles character came from a canadian tv show which we'd never seen... unt
Apr 30, 2013 12:00pm EDT
across the area as well. bwi thurgood marshall airport had some rain and now they're getting fog and mist. the winds will continue out of the east and that is what is pushing the moisture into place. clouds are blanketing the state, and heavier rain showers showing up across delaware and parts of the eastern shore. you cannot see the rate over baltimore. it is under the radar beam. that is why the radar isn't picking it up on it even though it is there. we will talk about when the dreary pattern is going to end when we come back in the seven- day forecast. clube maryland jockey announced modified to security measures for the preakness at pimlico. this after the organization consulted with the law enforcement and public safety officials following the boston marathon bombings. as one of the nation's largest single day sporting events, everyone who enters pimlico cap expect on the electric -- can expect an electronic one search. george lettis will have details on the revised rules, including the list of items that will be dan on preakness day. coming up, with gas prices continuing to li
Apr 29, 2013 8:30pm EDT
he was there, when jour marshall was our chief justice, they were second cousins, approximately, maybe second once removed. i'm not sure. they were cousins, but they were not the kissing kind. they did not like each other. it was really unpleasant, and, yet, they had many issues to resolve that affected our nation, and it's amazing that we got through all those days and did well. we don't have anything like that today. we have many cases where the justices may end up disagreeing on the bottom line. you're not going to find it 9-zip every time, once in a while, but usually there's division on the court, and that's very normal, but in the early days of the country, there was real hostility among the justices, i'm sorry to say. >> what's the number one question the other female justices asked you about being on the supreme court? >> well, they've not asked me anything. [laughter] they yows go to work and do it. >> what should they can me? >> i don't think there is anything they should ask me. maybe how the lunchroom works and how to get better lunches or something. that would be th
Apr 13, 2013 4:00am PDT
. >> i can imagine. >>> we're calling the fire marshal on ron claiborne this morning. >> all right, ron, thank you. >>> well, we're going to turn to the latest on the rising tensions in north korea. the president's top diplomat, secretary of state john kerry on a critical mission to the region this morning warning the rogue nation's leader kim jong-un not to test-fire a midrange missile. abc's bob woodruff is in seoul, south korea with the latest. bob? >> reporter: good morning, bianna. you know, secretary of state john kerry arrived in china today. this is his second stop in this asian tour to try to deal with this unrelenting concern about north korea's nuclear arsonal. while china is quietly pressuring kim jong-un to resist launching any missiles, in south korea the u.s. made it very clear. >> the united states will, if needed, defend our allies and defend ourselves. >> reporter: in japan an official today warned a missile was launched but he meant to say was an earthquake. he accidentally sent out the wrong draft. the third time this happened this week alone. this week's u.s. i
Apr 29, 2013 8:00am PDT
same people that were providing them care. here is another detail. when the u.s. marshals transferred dzhokhar tsarnaev to devens, they took him off a loading dock at the back of the hospital. it was under the cover of the night. 3:30 in the morning last week. he was going off a mirror loading dock. he did go with u.s. marshals in what's called transport vehicles. they resemble large hum vees. tom fuentes joins me live now. he is in washington, d.c. and from the american college of emergency physicians is a doctor on the phone. if i could just ask you -- i hope you heard all the details. are you surprised to hear the details but not only of his arrival, but his departure and treatment in between? >> no because he is a suspect. he is very highly guarded. they have to ensure his physical safety and physical custody as well as take care of his medical issues. so, i'm not that surprised at how they handled it. >> also the transfer of this high level detainee. clearly the media was camping out 24 hours to try to get a shot of his transfer. no one was able to. the fact they used a loading d
Apr 21, 2013 5:30am PDT
guard here in boston. u.s. marshals are by his bedside. his condition was described as stable, if not critical. we believe he suffered several gunshot wounds and he is now described as in stable condition. a number of senators are saying an enemy be treated as combatant. we know from the u.s. attorney has not been read his rights. there is part of an ongoing investigation into the bombing in boston, they have the right to interview him before he is given his rights. a number of groups including the american civil liberties union says it is an american for that to happen and they want to make sure he is given full access to everything he is entitled to because they do not want the opportunity that he could appeal against any jail sentence. he must be treated properly. point ande a moot that may not happen for several days yet. chechensere ethnic before moving to the u.s.. in 26-rolled tamerlan died the shootout friday night. the fbi had interviewed him at request of the russian government but found no cause for concern. his younger brother was an all- star high school wrestler. he rece
Apr 14, 2013 11:35pm EDT
next to him in the aisle seat. that woman told a flight attendant and air marshals on board detained him until the airplane touchdown at reagan national. he is a 39-year-old executive who lives in sterling with a wife and two children and no prior criminal record. got today's detention hearing, the judge said that somebody who would do what the defendant allegedly did in this case may be out of control. and i am concerned about that. >> what a story. >> we will be right back.
Apr 30, 2013 5:00pm EDT
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Apr 20, 2013 2:00pm PDT
night? >> is under police guard in hospital. their u.s. marshals at his bed. when he was brought in, he was clinging to life. described as stable if not critical. we are turned -- told his condition has turned to stable. is recovering from a massive loss of blood -- he is recovering from a massive loss of blood and we believe gunshot wounds. we do not know if he was told that he had the right to remain silent and right to attorney. given what the u.s. attorney said at the news briefing on friday night, we suspect that was not the case. they are using a bit of a legality to say, we don't have to because there is a continuing threat. that would be a concern. people like the american civil liberties union are saying that's not the case, this is only used in the narrowest of terms. the fbi has said that the threat is over, and he should be given his rights and the opportunity to legal representation because if he isn't, there is every possibility that he could appeal any court decision against him and say he was not given his full constitutional rights under the law. >> already this row abo
Mar 31, 2013 7:00pm PDT
that's all the information we have. for example what we do with marshall school zone we can get a sense of what's been done. >> if we can - i think commissioner - if you can cancel yours and then supervisor. >> i want to ask the mta rep. i was curious i'm a little unclear about the difference brian electronic a safe route school and a - the new funding that hasn't come yet but - so and then my soak question is if a school committee is concerned about pedestrian safety and for whatever reason how do they go about getting themselves on the list to improve pedestrian safety? good question. when we use the term save riots to school that's about as much of the fund sources. save route to school is a state, local and federal funding stream for it's referred to a specific grant source. that comes to us in a variety number of ways are i know the state is a reviewing their state funding but i don't know we are putting in right now a few applications for safe routes to school as part of the grant. it refers to sort of a movement loovp almost like complete streets. it's the same type of thing a gr
FOX News
Apr 22, 2013 7:00pm PDT
hospital. the u.s. marshals service has now officially taken over the security situation of him specifically. they have marshalls stationed by his room, in the hallway where he is. all standard procedures when the marshals take control. before the fbi was doing that. marshals will basically be in charge of him until he's well enough to leave here. we are told once that happens he will likely fly out via helicopter to a different hospital. it's the best way of taking him to his eventual holding cell, a federal holding cell. and about how that went down today with the arain men in his room. the federal magistrate was there, the public defender was there. he mostly answered with nods. he didn't speak a lot. that could be because there are reports he has an injury to his neck. the fbi also said the head-neck region to his leg and also to his hand. he is obviously still in serious condition. so he answered questions basically by nodding. he also did say one word. when they asked him if he could afford a defense team, said no. that's basically the only words he did say. the judge aske
Apr 27, 2013 11:00am PDT
doctor marshall. >> just a comment about the homicide. i think last year, we had 69 i believe. >> exactly. >> and that's pretty good so to hear that isak great but, of course, it would beh+ interesting to see at the d of this year just the statistics. it behoves us to goszp through s year to see if things go back up. anyone knows why. i know we all feel good day about the 50 down to 39. i'm trying to compare back to the last 3 years. i'm hoping the last 3 years are the way it should be rather than going up. either way that's my commentí0 >> i have have charter in office and i'll have my assistants update it and the 12 we have right now knock on wood is the lottery it's ever been at this point. actually with the 69 that was the third lottery total we've had in 20 years. i'm proud of our folks. >> i remember there was a rash of things last year. it's just a general thing to keep our eyes on. we want the crime and a specifically homicides to stay at the lowest level >> the numbers last year were actually there was no homicide one homicide is a bad homicide where you look at the
Apr 30, 2013 6:00pm EDT
martial. high pressure moving in tomorrow -- at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. high pressure moving in tomorrow. thursday,e day on more sunshine and temperatures should recover into the upper 60's. this is what we have for you, just the chance of low clouds and drizzle. sunshine and upper 60's thursday. near 70 on sunday and monday and tuesday back into the lower 70's. that is a good outlook. toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the braves just keep rolling all over them. >> the big story is stephen strasbourg. he is ok. everyone was in a full panic last night watching the big righthander shake his arm and struggle to get guys out. but mike rizzo says strasbourg is fine. he is strong as it? and he says he will not miss a start. -- strong as an? -- strong asset? strong as an ox and he will not miss his start. we all remember the painful game 7 elimination by the rangers last spring. washington is the best power play team in the league, new york is the best -- the least penalized. ice.ab's have home do not even think about the cut yet. it is anne knows unspo
Apr 19, 2013 11:00pm PDT
have lost somebody we lost. >>> fire marshals are beginning to inspect the site of wednesday's explosion in the city of west. today authorities confirmed that the boats of 12 people were recovered from the plant and the surrounding area. >>> new sheriff transcripts shows that in the final two hours of the manhunt for christopher, deputies didn't fire a single shot. on february 12, 1 deputy was killed and another injured. according to the transcript, deputies were told not to fire unless they saw him. instead, tear gas was used to try and coax him out of the cabin. flames broke out and one gunshot was heard and authorities believe it was him taking his own life. >>> it was warmer out there away from the coastline. our inlands valleys were in the low 80s. in the south, 82 in sunnyville. closer to the coastline, temperatures were cooler thanks to the winds. we will see slightly stronger winds tomorrow. it will stay mild tonight. as we head into the weekend we will see warming away from the coastline, more 80-degree readings, and that will continue into monday but cooling into the
FOX News
Apr 17, 2013 12:00pm PDT
, six fully armed u.s. marshals with vests and helmets, each of them, i believe, has an additional side arm. i saw a van speed past with -- looks like a marshal hanging off of the side. a good clip of speed and they're going down that small alleyway on the southwest side of the building. backing up now into what looks like the alley port. you hear some of the commotion. the dhs police backing everybody away from the courthouse right now. i don't have a whole lot of details other than it's some kind of scare has forced all the employees out of the courthouse. >> understood. mike, i know you don't know, but we have an aerial picture that's zooming in around the street around the courthouse. several white cars, perhaps they belong to the police or the courthouse itself. but across the street, there were a lot of people on that street. is that media, is that the public or mix of both? >> mostly media. a little bit of public. it really speaks to the level of anxiety, partially amongst the people of boston, but certainly amongst the media. the people are reacting to every tip, flooding here,
Apr 26, 2013 4:00am PDT
the boston bombing marathon investigation. the u.s. marshal service confirms that suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev has been moved to the best israel deaconess medical center here in boston and it's now being held about 30 miles away at a prison facility at fort devens, massachusetts. we want to go to miguel marquez who is with me here live for details. this is breaking overnight. >> we had a photographer and folks that are at the hospital, beth israel, overnight, around 1:00 they shooed everybody away, and sometime between 1:00 and 3:00 police then left and it was very clear that something had changed at the hospital. we found out this morning that he has been moved to this medical facility at fort devens. it is a former military facility, been decommissioned but it's a prison that can take anything from, you know, low security prisoners to high security prisoners, but most importantly it does have a hospital. we understand that mr. tsarnaev was in fair condition here at beth israel within the last 24 hours. doctors are concerned about moving him. but there was also a great push get him o
Apr 14, 2013 6:30pm EDT
. temperatures this afternoon got into 60s. 65 bwi marshall. mostly cloudy skies tonight. that will take us into the overnight hours into tomorrow morning's commute. 60 degrees through the course of the evening. 52. in the 60s tomorrow. near 80 degrees in st. louis. some of that warmth will head in our direction. we'll let you know the details and spotty showers in the seven- day forecast coming up. >>> when you have the united states and china telling you to get in line and behave you know it is bad. will north korea knock it off when it comes to scaring world? we are going to seoul where south koreans are going about their business. >> reporter: america's top tip low mat landed in japan as the standoff with north korea continues. the u.s. vowed to protect any allies against the attack. >> north korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power. the united states will, if needed, depend our allies and defend ourselves. >> reporter: amid the talk of worse case military possibilities life continues in seoul with people who spent their whole lives being threatened and don't want to let fear contr
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